Links for Photography

 The best photography related links I have come across. There are many more links in my various posts and pages. I also recently deleted many pages, posts and unfortunantly forgot to go through and post the links in here. Still plenty to keep you busy anyway. There are specific links in my posts and pages that are not in here.

Here is the latest sites I have been looking at. Free tutorials.   I have watched a ton of free courses here. Photoshop week had 44 free courses that aired all day long and did not hold back anything. There has never been anything like this before. You get free 8hr a day workshops that show everything. If your interested in a specific genre of photography do nto miss a free 3 day workshop on that subject. I only get to watch portions of the workshops but always pick up a new trick or idea. I tried putting this info on DPreview but got banned twice, they do not want you to know about this or other free course type of websites for some reason (some kind of policy I guess, since they wont’ tell me why I got banned I just have to guess). A ton of free stuff and excellent Pro Tutorials which you can get for 1/2 price if you sign up for the new letters. Mostly centered around Adobe Lightroom, very  good free tutorials  Main site

Here is a ton of Photo Shop related links:

Joel Grimes has some excellent videos available to watch on Youtube. See my Composite post for more links.  the largest most comprehensive camea review and forums site.  Check out the data base of techniques and essays.  another site for keeping up to date with different products and techniques.   The best place for pro and amature RE photographers to learn at.   for HDR   For using flash.

http://strobist.blogspot.  Flash  RE photography information   Wedding photography knowledge base and site.  Look around at his how to sections    commercial HDR business.   High end commercial photography and Photo Shop work.    All around camera knowledge base by Ken Rockwell.   This site will help you to calibrate your monitor by eye.  Ecellent videos by Scott Hargis here showing him doing a shoot.  Tulip Chain’s blog.  Scott’s Blog site for real estate photography.  Excellent photography here.   Interviews and forums.  Keep up on some of the latest products, reviews and opinons by Rob Galbraith.    Reviews and commentary on Nikon by Tom.    Interviews with pro photographers.  Learn how to take the shots this guy did, a break down of how to do it.

Products   $10 custom websites for your listings  One of the best for fine art prints.   Pano heads   Free do it yourself bounce cards.   White Balance tools  Really cool reflectors but expensive.  Free jpeg extractor.   Semi custom websites, from $50 -$400     Your professional looking website and slide shows starting at only $25 yr. Very easy to use.  Another inexpensive website, more features but harder for a beginer to figure out.   Increase the size of objects without IQ changes.   Store your MP3 files and more here for linking  Excellent products and good resale values.   Largest retail outlet of photographic supplies in the world.   Another alternative to B&H   I have purchased most of my cameras here.         Digital editing training Ebook very comprehensive.   Adobe Lightroom links.

 Recommended Software

The very best and the most expensive raw editing software is probably Capture One Pro 7. It is also supposed to be much faster than Lightroom. If  I was not already invested in LR I would most likely be using this.

Corel’s Paint Shop Pro X5  has no competition at an average price of $59 for pixel level editing. The next step is almost $700 with Adobe’s Photo Shop CS4. There are many plugins you can purchase for it.  Each new version of PSP comes with some bugs that mostly get fixed with patches before another version comes out. Its still my choice to pixel level editing.

Want the best and are willling to pay for it then PSCS6 is it. Not reccomended for beginers unless you have alot of time to learn it.

Adobe’s LightRoom, I can’t imaging not have this now that I have been using it for a yr. A big time save for jobs. Not cheap at $299. This is a raw (format) processing software that also works well for jpegs.  Apples version of Lightroom. Has been as low as $89 when on sale, a really good buy but only works on Mac at this point.     Bibble Labs version 5  About $159 recently brought by Corel and discounted in price.     DXO, high tech automatic file processing, very cool. $170-300.

Nikon’s Capture NX     Cool features but clumsy GUI, gives the best results from Nikon Nef (raw) files. About $150  You will need this to view NEF files in windows explorer.

Here are a few more to look at, some are free

AICDSee Pro  $69.99


Google Picasa Free

Magix Xara $89.00

PhaseOne Capture 229 Euro

Photo POS Pro Free

Photofiltre 29 Euro

PhotoLine  59 Euro

RAW Therapee Free

Serif PhotoPlus $89.99

SILKYPIX $328.23

Other Software.

Photmatix and  and Enfuse in the past have been  the most popular HDR software. Photomatix being used the most by pros, about $100. Oloneo is a hot new HDR product that is super fast.   Latest HDR software and my recommended one to get for RE, still free as a beta as well ( as of febuary 2011).  latest Nik software incorperating U-Point control technology. I presonally don’t like it for RE use even if it does have a ton of controls.   Photomatix up to now has been the industry standard for RE use. Use the Fusion method for interiors, blend the two methods for exteriors (thats what I do when needed).   Enfuse GUI  Enfuse, I have never gotten Enfuse to work but many folks really like it.  Many folks like this software and have posted good results but I don’t like their website and there does not appear to be any way to try before you buy so I have not bothered. Fast simple to use and good results for real estate use. Need simple? this is it.    these are free.

for making panoramas I think this is the best all around package to get that is fairly easy to work with. $150+

For blending muitlible focus points. One is the best and the other one is free but time consuming to work with.      The best. You can also lease it by the year for cheap.   free one

There is a ton of software out there and these are by no means the only choices.   These guys have some really nice software that you will might like.

Over time, my list grew from the traditional incumbents to more than thirteen products.

 Plugns usefull for real estate photography. These can be installed in PSCS4 or PSPX2.

PTlens, corrects lens distortions and verticals. $25 The most important plugin for RE work if your current software does not have this built-in..

Neat Image ,noise reduction software. There are many brands this is the one I use. About $50 they are all about the same.

Akvis Enhancer, can really open up shadow areas in some shots. $69. I don’t use this anymore because lightroom does well on its own now.

lucis Art Enhancement software. $279 when used properly can help to enhance an image by giving it more detail and lifting shadows.

Vivesa software. Control point technology for controlling HSL : hue , saturation , lightness to any area quickly. Same feature found in Nikon’s Capture NX software. $150 on sale.

How about some free plugins?


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