Editing Video in Lightroom 4.

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Did you know you can edit video in LR 4? yes you can and I’m not talking about the trim feature or the Capture Frame or Set Poster Frame built into the player. You can of course make multiple trims using virtual copies. What I’m talking about is capturing a frame than editing the extracted Jpeg then syncing that with the video. You  can do that and the edits will be applied to the video. To see what tools you can edit with and that will transfer just do a test sync and take note of the tools that are not grayed out and only use those tools to get the look you want. Works great and easy to do. This takes very little time and helps prepare the clips for you video editing software. Also this method makes it easier to match your photos to the video for those delivering a video with wedding photos for example.

Tools you can use include.

white Balance
White clipping
Tone curves (don’t forget to use the RGB function as well).
split tone

that’s enough to make a lot of changes to a video file.

Want more? you will have to wait until we have the video module in LR 5.

Update: We didn’t get the video module in LR5, in fact I don’t see 5 as much of an update and for the first time I have not updated and will wait for 6 or some extra offerings with 5…… or maybe a special offer to update for less money. For my needs 5 is nothing to get excited about.