Adobe Offers PhotoShop CS2 For Free?

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adobe-photoshop-cs2What probably was a link for older versions to be re-downloaded seems to have turned into a free offering. It’s been available since the 7th of January. As of March 5th it’s still there.

Update: Adobe just posted the following after almost 2 weeks of allowing folks to download with no message= “Adobe has disabled the activation server for CS2 products, including Acrobat 7, because of a technical issue. These products were released more than seven years ago, do not run on many modern operating systems, and are no longer supported.  Adobe strongly advises against running unsupported and outdated software. The serial numbers below should only be used by customers who legitimately purchased CS2 or Acrobat 7 and need to maintain their current use of these products”.

Funny how Adobe knowingly allowed this to go on for 2 weeks before posting that message (actually it seems that the message was first posted on the first day than quickly removed for some unknown reason) and you still don’t need to log in to an account to access that page. This is just plain weird and makes no sense. How many hundreds of thousands of downloads have already been done by folks who have not seen that post. Again makes no sense what so ever. IMO that message came too late. Many folks who would not have ever used the expensive PS are now learning to use it and will most likely buy into the system one day when the current version goes on sale. I see it as  a trial that lasts longer than the 30 days for CS6 and as long as you plan to buy into PS as a result Adobe should have no issues with using it. It you don’t plan on buying into it for what every reason you might want to uninstall it. On the other hand you could view it this way, it was free with no notice at the time you downloaded it and Adobe had made the decision not to block downloads or have any notice at the time, that in itself seems to implied that you could use it.

The fact that there has been no official announcement after all this time to the masses who already downloaded it tells me Adobe is not worried about it. Most folks who downloaded the software have no idea about the above message.
So it’s up to you. The downloads are now on an Honor System, I have never seen that before. Adobe obviously does not really care at this point and probably reposted that message because their lawyers recommended it.

At almost 8yrs old the software is not going to appeal to everyone but it’s still very capable for doing layer work and such. You won’t be able to work with raw files unless your camera is the same age. If your currently using raw then you already have a converter, if not I highly recommend you start learning to process raw files.

download link from Adobe.

Dishonest folks won’t be using CS2 anyway when they can just download the free trail of CS6 Extended and jail break the registration,  there’s even YouTube videos on how to do it. Free software of any kind is easy as pie for dishonest people to get and use, this is a big problem in the software industry as well as the music and video industry. If you ever buy PS from an unauthorized dealer like on Ebay make sure you can get your money back if the software can’t be registered because it’s not a legal copy. If your going to do that you might as well get it for free instead of making the pirates rich. Its stealing  either way. You can buy and transfer a used copy but only if the original owner brought  and registered a legal copy, if it was not brought from Adobe than a valid receipt will be required as well. Transferring takes a little  time. Make sure to do your research before paying good money for a used copy. Nothing wrong with buying used just make sure you know what to do first. Here is a link to info on the subject as you can see it is more involved than you would expect.

You don’t have to be a PS guru to make good use of PS you just need to know what you need to do the work that you do. Many very well-known photographers are not post processing gurus they just know what they need to do the job.

Here is a $15 tutorial that will get you started (current sale price). I used this to help me transition from Paint Shop Pro, it made things a lot easier.

Lots of free tutorials on this site as well so donating $15 is well worth what is on offer there.    Don’t forget most of what you see in the tutorials can be done with PSPX5 as well.

The latest CS6 is a much more refined software and is my favorite version (although I can’t afford it at this time). PSPX5 (Paint Shop Pro) is all most would need but you don’t get a full 16 bit work flow. I like PSP but am not happy with how Corel is just adding fluff and is not really developing the software which had so much potential. There’s a reason most pros use the latest version of PS. It’s really too bad Corel is not interested in doing more with PSP or at least offering a higher end version of it to compete with PS. There too much of a price gap between the two offerings with no real competition in between that I have seen. As soon as CS6 goes on sale I’m in.

On march 2nd a week long event ended of free PS & LR classes by 13 of the best photographers in the business, 44 classes all day long for 6 days straight and all free. Individual classes could be purchased if desired for later viewing as well as the whole event for $299 (That’s only $6 per class) . This was a live event. I don’t think anything like this has every happened before. The quality of instruction was excellent. This was not advertising but real useful instruction. Each class was about 1.5 hrs long. Two classes ran at the same time, what I  did was switch between the two depending on the material being taught.

Once again (the largest camera equipment forum in the world) didn’t want any postings on the subject and my new account (the last one was banned) was once again Permanently banned for posting any info on” Photoshop Week” after the moderator deleted the posts 3 times . DPreview has some real issues about certain types of info when its posted (politics). And no they did not warn me or explain why the info is not allowed. I even wrote a letter from another account asking why the posts were deleted and that account was also shut down rather than explain what’s going on, they aren’t messing around with this type of information, DP is really serious about not posting info about Photoshop week just like they were about the free downloads from Adobe. Maybe because Adobe is sponsoring the event DPreivew is not allowed to advertise it in anyway (some kind of agreement). Anyway this was something that really deserved to be made known to other photographers. After all these years with DPreview and no problems I am now permanently banned from posting  there as a result of the above and I still don’t know what’s so bad about the information, just plain weird when you consider all the garbage that gets posted there everyday not to mention all the jerks that make the forums a place you probably don’t want to be most of the time. Maybe one of you can post something there about it and get an answer from them. I won’t open another account, I am done posting at DPreview.

I recommend signing up for news emails from Creative live so you don’t miss the next event.