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Ever heard of Scanography? you probably have a flatbed scanner in your home or business. Have you considered using it as a camera? Your imagination is the limit and it cost you nothing. Kids love putting together a photo project. Exposure and depth of field is mostly limited to what is close to the glass plane. I always suggest turning off the Unsharp Mask when scanning. If you use the whole surface you can create a bigger file than any DSLR camera could ever do. Moving an object during a scan will elongate it. There are several  groups on Flickr that you can visit to see what other folks have done with the idea.   On the scan above which I call Hand & Foot I combined several scans into one image because it was too hard to do it all at once. don’t forget you can always put the scanner on its side to make it easier to get your face or pets to look directly into the scanner surface or just to scan something too large or heavy. Be careful not to put too much weight on the scanners glass top or you will crack it.